What Type of Hair do You Have?

by Tristian A.

Know Your Hair

Are you tired of searching high and low for the best products for your hair?

It starts with you!

Identifying key properties in your hair's texture and behavior can be helpful in determining which products will work best for you (shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, etc). This is important for catering to specific hair issues such as lack of moisture, but also essential for optimal hairstyle satisfaction.

Andre Walker, Oprah Winfrey's hair stylist, is one of the first to introduce a black hair theory to make categorizing our hair much easier. His hair system is broken down into 4 categories:

(1) straight

Completely straight. Resistant to curls. Texture range: fine and fragile to coarse and thin.

(2) Wavy

Soft and deep wave pattern. Little to no curls. Texture range: coarse with minimal volume.


  1. moisturizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner to combat dull and coarse look

  2. moisturizing hair gel or serum to add bounce

  3. avoid blow dryers or use low setting

  4. trim ends regularly

  5. detangle with boar bristle brush 

(3) Curly

Fine and soft. Frizzy with fly-aways. Has body but lacks shine.


  1. moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner 

  2. leave-in conditioner after every wash to hydrate

  3. air dry hair without towels

  4. moisturize hair daily

  5. detangle with wide tooth comb

(4) Kinky

Driest and most fragile. Tightly curled. Texture range: tight coils to Z- angled coils.


  1. daily hydrating moisturizer

  2. wash and deep condition biweekly

  3. wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair coated with conditioner

  4. avoid combing hair daily

  5. avoid frequently styling